1. Persona 4 is both too much combat and too much life sim to be one game.

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  2. If men had to wear the same armor styles that women do in certain games their heart would always be unprotected.


    Handily the concept art for the upcoming game Nosgoth provides us a perfectly illustrated example of how ridiculous the the boob window really is.


    Why did they do this? I don’t really know.  Why did they do this for a vampire? I really don’t know.

    All I know is: If this was a female character then many people wouldn’t even give a second thought to how ridiculous this is.

    - wincenworks

    It’s a secret plot by the vamipires’ armor designers to make them vulnerable in the name of fashion. 

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  3. davusignavus:



    i liked the page for my school’s lgbt* center on facebook and my mom just sent me a message that said


    “now all of china knows you’re queer”

    please deliver this reply to your mother:


    she laughed so hard i think she exploded

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  4. I’ve been writing poetry seriously for over a year now and honestly still don’t know if I have the talent to put in the time.

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    On a scale from Sokka to Tuxedo Mask how well did your relationship with a moon princess gf turn out

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  7. reblog if you want anonymous opinions of you

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